Pompon Dahlia Mix

3,500 د.ك

  • Summer pleasure – The Dahlias pompom will brighten up your garden. The harmoniously round flowers come in a mix of different colours. The Dahlia is also suitable as a cut flower. Thanks to all these colours, it is already a ready bouquet. The tubers should be planted in spring. Flowers bloom in summer and autumn.
  • GARDEN PLANTS – Dahlia tubers can be planted in spring. Dahlia is frost-sensitive, so pay attention to late night frost. Dig a spacious plant hole, loosen the soil and fill the plant hole with fertile soil. Gently place the tubers in the plant hole and cover them with 3-5 cm soil. Place the tubers at a distance of about 50 cm. Squeeze gently and give water right away. Dahlia bloom most lush in the full sun.
  • Care – with a monthly administration of fertiliser, your Dahlia will continue to bloom until the first night frost. Cut off the flowered flowers for a good second flower. Ensure that the floor does not dry out in dry time. This dahlia gets pretty high, sometimes you have to support the flower stems.

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