Ranunculus Tecolote Red

2,250 د.ك

Red roses are great but the big, beautiful rose-like blooms of Red Ranunculus in spring is even better! If you love bright red flowers, you’re going to love our easy-to-grow ranunculus.

Tucked between your early perennials they’ll energize borders and provide long-lived flowers for jazzy bouquets. No thorns, no black spot, no mildew. No kidding!

Ranunculus are hardy outdoors in zones 8-11 (for fall planting) but are more than welcome in gardens of cooler regions. In zones 3-7, simply purchase bulbs and keep them in a cool (but not freezing), dry spot until and plant outside in April or May in containers or the garden for a seriously impressive display.

Easy To Grow Features

  • Full sun
  • Hardy in Zones 8-11, plant in Fall. Everywhere else plant in Spring past frost as annual or overwinter.
  • 18 – 24 in. tall
  • Red flowers
  • Blooms in spring

Includes: 3 robust Ranunculus corms

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