Anemone De Caen Carmel White (5pack)

2,000 د.ك

  • Attracts butterflies!
  • Easy grower
  • Full sun to partial shade

Anemone de Caen ‘Carmel White’, otherwise known as Anemone Coronaria ‘Carmel White’, are easy and striking perennials to add to any bed or container garden. Often used in cut flower work, ‘Carmel White’ anemones are a fantastic choice for bouquets and other arrangements. Plant bulbs 2 inches deep and 4 inches apart in a well-draining medium; anemones like moist soil, but not soggy! Bone Meal is a great soil additive for a health boost as well. When planted in September or October, you can expect large white blooms with dark purple hearts to pop up in the spring or early summer. The plants grow to roughly 10 inches tall with relatively minimal spreading.

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