Chili Habanero Chocolate

1,950 د.ك

The Habanero Chocolate lives up to its name, because the average 4 cm large, block-shaped fruits are chocolate brown. For those who like it fiery, the Habanero is exactly the right thing, because the Scoville value has a sharpness of 300,000 – 400,000, which occurs after a delay. The Habanero Chocolate is pretty hot! Growth height approx. 80 – 100 cm.

The habanero is planted outdoors at the end of May. Habanero ?? s need a nutrient-rich, humus-rich and moist soil. Do not let it dry out, otherwise flowers will be thrown off. Fertilize several times in liquid form and offer support if necessary.

It is the fresh fruits and the flavors they contain that give many dishes in Latin American cuisine the right, appetizing and digestive kick. Use in moderation and carefully! Work with gloves when cutting the fruit. Milk or cocoa as a first aid measure will help relieve the burning sensation in your mouth.

Gardener’s tip:
They can be placed in containers in a sunny spot on the balcony or terrace. The fruit set is an ornament. The fruits can be used fresh or pickled. Grow out of the reach of children and animals.

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