Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea Seed

2,000 د.ك

From Johnny’s seeds repackage in kuwait

First-year flowering perennial in a stunning mix of colors.

Bred for improved branching and a higher percentage of 3–4″ flowers per plant. The vivid red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow, and white blooms can be used as cuts or as high-impact landscaping or container plants. Attracts and is a food source for bees. Perennial . FleuroSelect Gold Award Winner. AAS winner. Ht. 18–36″ Packet: 10 seeds

DAYS TO GERMINATION:10-15 days at 65-70°F (18-21°C).

SOWING:Transplant (recommended): Sow 8-10 weeks before planting outside. Transplant into cell packs or larger containers after the first true leaves appear, 30-40 days after sowing the seed. Harden off and transplant outside in late spring or early summer.

Direct seed:Sow in spring when soil is warm, 65°F (18°C). Sow in groups of 3-4 seeds, 1/8″ deep. Thin to one plant. Sow in the fall to allow the oscillating temperatures and natural rain to stimulate germination.

LIGHT PREFERENCE:Sun. Will tolerate partial shade.
SOIL REQUIREMENTS:Average, well-drained soil.
PLANT SPACING:18-24″. Division is necessary only when the plants appear crowded.
HARVEST:Fresh: For harvesting the flower, harvest when the petals are expanding. For harvesting the cone, harvest when the cone is raised and has turned golden.
Dried:Harvest when the cone is raised and has turned golden. Petals strip most easily at this point. After removing petals, hang to dry.
USES:Cut flower. Seed heads can be used fresh or dried. For beds, borders, mass, or wildflower plantings.


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