Bonsai Japanese Cherry Blossoms

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As soon as the sun provides for the first warmer days in April, the Japanese flowering cherry begins, which is accompanied by numerous festivals in Japan, as the flowering cherry is closely interwoven with cultural symbolism. In Japan, the tradition of cultivating Japanese cherry trees has been common in gardens for more than 1500 years. However, they did not reach Europe until the beginning of the 19th century. The deciduous tree grows wide and funnel-shaped. In autumn the leaves turn orange to yellow.

Natural habitat
The plant is native to Asia and there especially to Japan.

Growing from seeds indoors is possible all year round. The seeds should first be stratified. This means the stimulation of germination through cold treatment. Place the seed in a plastic bag in the normal refrigerator area for a week. Then place the seeds in a vessel with room-warm water for a day, which leads to swelling and further improved germination. Only then do you place it about an inch deep in moist potting soil. Cover the cultivation vessel with cling film, which you have provided with holes. This protects the earth from drying out. Every two to three days you should remove the film for 2 hours. This prevents mold from forming on the potting soil. Place the cultivation vessel in a light and warm place with 15 to 20 ° Celsius and keep the cultivation soil moist, but not wet. The first seedlings usually appear after four to ten weeks.

The Japanese flowering cherry does not place high demands on the soil and tolerates any good bonsai soil, but needs a sunny and moist location as much as possible.

Make sure that watering is frequent and sufficient, but avoid waterlogging. The earth must not dry out in hot summer weeks. From March to September, it is best to provide the tree with liquid bonsai fertilizer once a month.

When the first night frosts begin, the plant should be protected a little or placed in a cold house for wintering. A cold spell is necessary for the bonsai to bloom richly in spring.


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