Bonsai Wisteria

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The Chinese wisteria (W. Sinensis) grows into a blooming bonsai. In most locations, its densely blooming, drooping grapes appear twice a year – in spring even before the first leaves and later again from July to August, with the flowers unfolding from the base to the tip.

Natural habitat
The Chinese wisteria has its origin in East Asia and there especially in China. Its distribution area today extends to North America and Europe.

The cultivation of seeds is possible at any time between January and September. To increase the germination capacity of the seeds, they should first be roughened with sandpaper or a file and then allowed to soak in water at room temperature for 12 hours. Cover the cultivation vessel with cling film, which you have provided with holes. This protects the earth from drying out. Place the cultivation vessel in a light and warm place with 20 to 25 ° Celsius and keep the cultivation soil moist, but not wet. The first seedlings appear after two to eight weeks.

wisteria is quite undemanding, but prefers a sunny and warm location for abundant flowering.

During the flowering period and in the summer months, wisteria need plenty of water and the soil should not dry out. Once the top layer of soil is dry, you should water your wisteria thoroughly. Additional daily spraying your bonsai will thank you. Fertilize only a little before flowering, every two weeks during flowering and weekly after flowering until autumn with liquid bonsai fertilizer.

A sheltered and cool location without freezing temperatures is ideal in winter.


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