Aromatic herbs combination (seed tape)

1,950 د.ك

herbal mixture is put together for a variety of dishes . Vegetables in raw and cooked state
need these necessary flavors, which give the
main course that special note. Young leaves and
shoot tips picked before the main bloom are the
icing on the cake for soups, sauces, vegetables and salads.

Location requirements:
The right aroma develops in a
soil that is not too nutritious in a sunny location.

Place the seed tape with the colored side down in a 1 cm
deep seed furrow, moisten well, cover with soil,
press down and water again vigorously, but do not
muddy. The different
herbs have different sprouting times, so keep them moist
until the last herbs have sprouted.

The seeds are
spaced between the paper strips so that they do not need to be separated.
The paper breaks down into humus in the soil.

This herbal mixture of basil, savory, dill, chervil, marjoram, parsley, chives and lemon balm is put together for a variety of dishes. Raw and cooked vegetables require these necessary flavors

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