Organic Upstate Oxheart Tomato

2,000 د.ك

Who can resist a giant tomato? One quick pluck and–voila!–a plateful of sweet, soft eating. These oxhearts are the biggest of the big. A local gardener in Dutchess County, NY, donated this seed to us, and we were instantly smitten. Its fruit are huge; its flavor is exceptional; its texture is dense and multi-layered, each tomato having heart-like flaps and cavities.

And while this variety is a gardener’s dream, it’s a bit of a seed company nightmare: it produces very few seeds per fruit, which means we can include only 15 seeds per pack. With care and attention, 15 seeds will certainly become a few plants, and with fruits weighing in as much as 3 pounds, a few plants will certainly yield a heartfelt.

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