Unique F1 Spaghetti Pumpkin

1,950 د.ك

Don’t you want to grow spaghetti squashes that are that big? Then Unique F1 might be something for you. These mini spaghetti squash are only about 10×15 cm in size and weigh ± 600 grams, ideal for processing in dishes for 1 to 2 people. Like its larger relatives, this canary-yellow fruit can be prepared in a number of ways. Due to its growth and high yield, we can also recommend this variety for professional cultivation and the vegetable market. The plant has a slightly climbing habit and is very productive. Make sure that the soil at the time of sowing and the following week at sowing depth has a temperature of approx. 18 ° C,


growth period
40-85 days

growth habit
Light rambling

fruit color

0.2 to 2 kg

perfect for hearty dishes

fruits are edible

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