Pest-Free 250 ml

7,000 د.ك

Aphids, cicadas, caterpillars, mites and other sucking insects can cause considerable damage to ornamental and useful plants. With the Neudorff Spruzit® pest-free, you have a highly effective spray at your disposal that has a broad spectrum of action against these sucking insects. And against pests on indoor plants in the apartment and in the office, but also on balcony plants , in the greenhouse and for fruit and vegetables in the field. Neudorff Spruzit® pest-free not only effectively combats adult insects, but also their larvae and eggs. This is ensured by the combination of natural pyrethrum, which is obtained from the plant genus Tanacetum, and natural rapeseed oil. The agent is effective against aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, thrips, scale lice, mealybugs , mealybugs, cicadas and sitka spruce lice , as well as against caterpillars, beetle larvae, sawfly larvae, boxwood moth and lilies .

Instructions for using Neudorff Spruzit® pest-free

Infested plants must be sprayed dripping wet with the pesticide immediately. It is important that you do not forget the underside of the leaves. Dilute the concentrate against aphids, caterpillars, thrips, beetle and sawfly larvae by mixing 10 ml of Neudorff Spruzit® pest-free with 1 l of water. In the case of an infestation with whitefly, the dosage recommendation of the manufacturer is: 15 ml to 1 l of water and in the case of woolly lice and mealybugs increase the concentration again and add 20 ml of the concentrate to 1 l of water. Another note: the waiting time for fruit and vegetable crops is 3 days, for herbs and lettuce in the greenhouse it is 7 days. Neudorff Spruzit® pest-free can be used all year round and is approved for home and allotment gardens.

Important for the protection of surface waters

Neudorff Spruzit® pest free is a plant-compatible pesticide that is approved for organic farming. The remedy is also not dangerous for bees . Nevertheless, you should take precautions to ensure that the liquid does not get into water. Make sure that Neudorff Spruzit® pest-free does not get into the sewage system, yard and street drains, rain or sewer systems.


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