Organic Ant Remedy

4,500 د.ك

Organic ant remedy: works with the power of nature

The Bio ant remedy is a biocidal product that consists of 100% diatomaceous earth, a natural amorphous diatomaceous earth made from fossil deposits of diatoms. In addition, the agent has a strong drying effect against crawling vermin. The active ingredient leads to the dissolution of cuticle fats and dehydration of the insects, which then die after just a few hours. At low temperatures or increased humidity, the effect can be delayed by one to two days. After the agent has dried, however, it is 100% effective again and thus achieves lasting effectiveness.

And this is how you use Bio ant remedies

Organic ant repellant should be scattered around the vermin’s preferred hiding spots and walkways. The pests then dust themselves through their own movement while walking. By the way, you can use Bio Ant Remedies not only in the house and on patios and paths, but also in the lawn. Use 30-50 grams of ant repellant per square meter. Place a dust barrier 0.2 cm high and about 2 cm wide.

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