1,500 د.ك

This small grow kit contains everything to start growing your own peanuts right away. The complete peanut sowing set is filled with a Terracotta pot, an earth tablet, 4 peanut seeds and of course a handy description of how to sow, grow and harvest the peanuts. The whole set is held together by a plastic casing, which can already serve as a greenhouse. The peanut plant that you grow here is of the Kacang Tanak variety, which is Indonesian for peanut plant. This peanut plant is officially called Arachis Hypogea.

How should you grow Peanuts?

You can sow the peanut seeds from April to July. Do this at a minimum of 20 degrees. Place the supplied earth tablet on a saucer, where you gently pour some water. Then you fill the jar, which is also included, with the soil that is released. Place the peanut flat in the jar on the floor, which should not be too wet. The top should just be visible. When the peanut seeds have germinated, you can transplant them into a larger flower pot. The peanut plant grows like a shrub. Keep moist at this time. The period between sowing and harvesting is approximately 12 to 15 weeks. Good luck!

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