Pansy – Super Chalon Seeds

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Viola x wittrockiana

  • Annual
  • Distinct, large ruffled blooms
  • Water early in the day, once a week, at soil level.

These deep, wavy flowers add that touch of elegance to your garden. Delightful anywhere, these beautiful pansies are very appealing when planted along borders or in beds!

Start indoors  Sow seeds in trays or pots, in warm seed compost, 3mm (1/8″) deep, 2.5cm (1″) apart. Pansies need darkness to germinate, so cover but check daily and water if required. Germination takes up to 21 days. Thin plants at 4 leaf stage spacing 7.5-10cm (3-4″) apart. Harden off before planting out. Transplant to rich soil with organic mulch. Water well.

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