Orange Balm Mandarina

1,950 د.ك

  • Zesty orange aroma and delicate white flowers, its cascading habit will create stunning displays.
  • Add beautiful fragrance to your garden throughout the summer and brew a relaxing herbal tea.
  • The ideal perennial for beds, borders, patio pots and containers.

Herb Seeds – Lemon Balm Mandarina

Lemon balm but not as you know it!

Lemon Balm Mandarina is the first lemon balm to have a zesty orange aroma, just like peeling an orange! You’ll have endless uses for this dynamic herb plant. This hardy perennial will form large clumps of fragrant foliage all summer long. An ideal addition to beds or borders, its shorter (30-35cm) cascading habit can also be used to cover slopes or difficult areas in the garden. Heights of 31-40cm (12-16″); spread 41-50cm (16-20″).

Lemon Balm Mandarina also has many uses. A popular use for this herb would be to steep the leaves hot water to create a relaxing and calming orange flavoured tea. you’ll be able to enjoy this herb plant’s stunning fragrance continually throughout the summer months.

Sow in small pots/trays of good quality seed compost 0.5cm deep and put on a warm windowsill or propagator at around 21°C. Germination up to 28days. When seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant into individual pots and grow on, planting outside 30cm (12″) apart (or in pots) after all chance of frost has passed.

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