Neem Seed Meal Organic Pest Management & Fertilizer – 1lb

4,000 د.ك

Neem Seed Meal (4 – 3 – 1.6)

This dual purpose meal offers an enriching natural fertilizer with pest management benefits.

Neem Seed Meal can be mixed into new soil or top dressed around established plantings.

Neem Seed Meal is also known as Neem Cake and a vegan gardening option.

Neem Seed Meal is made from the Neem seed kernels left over from the cold press Neem oil  extraction process.

Use as an all purpose fertilizer Neem Seed Meal offers slow release benefits of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Increase the earthworm populations where Neem Seed Meal is applied.

Promotes strong root systems while improving plant immunity. Improves soils’ organic matter content allowing for a balance of nutrient levels in the soil.

Application Rates:

1 lb of Neem Seed Meal mixed into 50 – 70 sq.ft.

Transplants: add 1 – 2 Tbsp per hole, mix into soil and water well

Established: side dress 1/2 – 1 cup depending on the size of your plant, once each month during the grow season.

As a pest management option Neem Seed Meal blocks insect growth, repels and disrupts their growth and reproduction.

The most effective method for pest management is soaking Neem Seed Meal in water for 48 hours agitating periodically. Use all of this liquid extraction right away.

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