Lily Mart Pink Morning (1pack)

3,250 د.ك

Lightly scented, Lilium ‘Pink Morning’ is a charming martagon hybrid, which produces bountiful mauve-pink blossoms adorned with white edges and delicately sprinkled with dark pink/red spots. Resembling a Turk’s cap with their strongly recurved petals (hence the common name), the downward-facing flowers form a pretty floral candelabra with up to 50 blooms on one stem. Lilium ‘Pink Morning’ is an ideal naturalizing subject that grows well between shrubs or in light woodland conditions.

  • This Lily is a member of the Martagon Hybrid Division (Il) which includes the hybrids of Martagon lilies derived from L. × dalhansonii, hansonii, martagon, medeoloides and tsingtauense. Flowers usually small, often numerous, mostly downfacing, typically with rather thick, recurved tepals and often of Turk’s cap form, and often borne in a narrow, cylindrical inflorescence; sometimes out facing with tepals hardly recurved. Spots usually present, numerous, often on at least three-quarters of each tepal and sometimes also on the edges of the outside. Tepal-margins usually smooth. Flowers with little or an unpleasant scent. Buds often hairy. Leaves typically whorled, often rather broad. Bulbs often mauve or orange-yellow. Early flowering. There are 9 different types of lilies classified by the Royal Horticultural Society. And they are all real eye-catchers!

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