Ageratum White Bouquet

1,000 د.ك

Repackaged in Kuwait

Tall cutting type, brilliant white, strong stems _ Grows to a height of around 28 inches_ Good Cut-FLower_ From Sowing to Sales in about 11 weeks_ Germinatin Tips: 68-75 Degrees Fahrenheit _ Package Size 50 seeds


Surface sow and press in lightly; requires light to germinate.
Sprout Time:

5-14 days
Seed To Bloom:

12-13 weeks
Starting Indoors:

Recommended. Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before planting out and keep at 75°F until germination occurs, then at about 60-65°F. Water from below by placing containers/trays in a larger tray of water and allow to drain; this helps prevent damping off and disturbance of seeds.
Starting Outdoors:

Direct sow about 1-2 weeks after the last frost for flowers mid-summer to fall.

Ageratum was introduced to England from Veracruz, Mexico by Dr. William Houston, who first collected the species in the 1700s. This reliable summer border favorite has handsome foliage and clusters of long-blooming fuzzy flowers that can withstand summer rains. When setting out into compost-enriched soil, pinch the plant to promote bushier growth, and mulch to conserve moisture. Deadheading is minimal but helpful to keep it looking fresh into fall.
Final Spacing:

Water Requirements:

Medium Water Use
Soil pH:

Not particular about pH levels.

Mix in about 2″ of compost and organic time release fertilizer before planting.
Diseases & Pests:

Aphids may be an issue and can be controlled with insecticidal soap. Avoid powdery mildew by placing in a location with good air circulation. Do not grow in hot & humid conditions.
When to Cut for Bouquets:

Harvest when 1/2- to 3/4 of the flowers in the cluster are open.

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