Feather Meal

3,000 د.ك

Feather Meal, 13-0-0 provides a steady release of nitrogen throughout the growing season.  Heavy feeding plants like tomatoes, corn, peppers, and leafy greens can benefit from this steady release of nitrogen.  Feather Meal is a naturally sourced form of nitrogen derived from sterilized poultry feathers that are hydrolyzed, dried and ground into meal.

Feather Meal can also be used to help accelerate the composting process by providing a source of nitrogen.  As your building your compost pile, dust each layer with Feather Meal and water thoroughly.

Application Rates for Feather Meal:

  • Preparing new garden beds:
    • Apply up to 5 lbs. for 100 sq. ft. mixing into the top several inches
  • Transplanting:
    • Add up to 2 tbsp. per plant
  • Feeding established plants:
    • Side dress up to 2 oz. / 1/2 cup per plant determining the age and size of plant you are fertilizing
  • Preparing new containers
    • Add up to 2 tbsp. per gallon of soil
  • Established trees:
    • Apply up to 2 tbsp. for every inch of truck diameter spreading out to the drip line
  • New tree planting
    • Mix in 1 cup with the back-fill soil

With any application always water thoroughly after application

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