Versity Bacillus Blend (2oz – 56.9 g)

6,000 د.ك

Natural P-K Solubilizer

Versity® Bacillus Blend contains six different species of beneficial bacillus bacteria, designed for use in all plant stages and all types of growing media. With over 5 billion colonizing forming units per gram, this product places a strong focus on microbes that can increase the solubilization of phosphorous and potassium. Maximizing the availability of these key nutrients can create greater fertilizer efficiency while increasing root/plant growth. Versity can increase enzymatic production, nutrient cycling, nitrogen conversion, and ammonia utilization. Whether you are an avid at home gardener or a dedicated commercial farmer, Versity can offer xtreme plant growth in both the roots and the shoots with additional increases in yields. The microorganisms contained in Versity assist in producing enzymes that contribute to the process of breaking down various molecules, carbohydrates, and proteins into more accessible forms plants can then use to convert into energy. Without enzymes, most cell generation and tissue growth would not be possible. Versity is one of the strongest beneficial bacteria products available offering over 5 billion microbes per gram, this beneficial inoculant will earn it’s spot in your garden!

VERSITY Bacillus Blend has been shown to increase nutrient availability. This product is highly effective at solubilizing Phosphorous (P) & Potassium (K), due to increased levels of enzymes naturally produced by the bacillus bacteria.
Apply VERSITY solution directly into the roots of plants, can also be used as a foliar spray. This product can be applied weekly through all vegetative and flower stages.

May be mixed into fertilizer solutions.
Foliar Applications: Use 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of water and mix thoroughly. Apply every two weeks through all life stages, spray to the point of runoff.

Xtreme Gardening Versity Bacillus Blend is a ready to use dry blend of multiple beneficial species of Bacillus bacteria enhanced with kelp and humic acid. This blend is specifically selected to increase the population of beneficial microbes in the root zone while promoting vigorous root growth. These microorganisms are some of the primary agents responsible for breaking down organic material and cycling nutrients. Among the Bacillus strains contained in this blend are species capable of solubilizing phosphorus and potassium.

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