Early Jalapeno Paprika

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Jalapeno Paprika are very trendy. Sharp-spicy cooking with them is a special taste experience, but can also be filled excellently. Further use can be found approx. 8-12cm long peppers in hot salsa sauces, dips, on the grill and inlaid in oil. In their country of origin, Mexico, they are often used in the green (immature) state. The thick-walled conical fruits ripen very early from green to red and have the typical fruit cracks in the bowl. This does not break down its quality. The plants grow robust and stable to approx. 120cm tall bushy plants Jalapenos can be cultivated well in pots on the terrace and balcony.

Jalapeno Paprikas need very uniform germination temperatures around 25 °C for germination. After germination can then be at approx. 20 °C can be cultivated. Regular calcium-rich fertiliser helps plants and fruits. The ripening time between flower and harvest is approx. 70 – 80 days under optimal conditions. The royal blossom should be removed early on.

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