Dry Molasses – 1lb

3,250 د.ك

Dry Molasses is a microbial food source that quickly stimulates microbes. In feeding the microbial organisms within your soil, plant medium or tea you are creating an indirect benefit of fertility with your plants. Liquid molasses is sprayed onto a grain meal or residue that acts as a carrier for the molasses. This carrier offers a carbon source that is a stimulate for beneficial microorganisms giving Dry Molasses an added advantage.

Dry Molasses is also known to repel fire ants. Applying 20 lbs. to 1000 sqft. area.

Dry Molasses is also a feed supplement for livestock. Molasses contains crude protein, minerals, trace elements and vitamins of B complex.

Application Rates;

Soil: 1/2 lb. 100 sqft.

Root drench: 2 – 4 tbsp. per 5 gallon chlorine free water

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