Bell Vine Purple Beauty

1,750 د.ك

  • big, graceful bells crowd for position on this super-fast, extra-showy twining vine. Cup-and-Saucer takes its name from the bloom form–the big cup-shaped blooms arise from a cluster of petals, surrounding the base like a saucer!
  • A charming effect, enhanced by frilly, curlicued anthers of chartreuse emerging from the white-streaked throats of these huge, silky blooms.
  • When the blooms open, they are a pale green, almost the same color as the small, tear-shaped foliage. Then they quicky darken to deep, royal purple.
  • his vine is one of the fastest-growing and most trouble-free plant you will ever see in the garden. Pests do not disturb it; it grows effortlessly by twining to 20 feet; and it blooms abundantly from midsummer to fall. Direct-sow the seeds in full sun or part shade. 

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