Acorn Squash Cream of the Crop F1

1,950 د.ك

ream of the Crop F1 is an edible acorn with a sweet taste and a slightly nutty aroma. This variety stands out for its cream-colored, deeply ribbed skin. Cream of the Crop F1 is often used in thin strips in raw food dishes, but is also suitable for processing in warm (oven) dishes. The plant has a shrub-like habit and bears uniform fruits. Preculture in the greenhouse from the end of April. If the temperature permits, you can sow directly outdoors from mid-May. Make sure that the soil has a temperature of approx. 18 °C at the time of sowing and in the following week at sowing depth, so that the germination process runs smoothly and the seeds are not attacked by mold and bacteria.

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