Indian Sunake Cucumber

1,500 د.ك

  • Description

    You won’t believe how long this traditional variety from India will get! It’s versatile too: crisp and delicious raw, cooked in curries, and pickled. Even bigger and less bitter than Armenian cucumbers, it thrives in hot weather. You’ll definitely want to trellis this fast-growing large variety to give the fruits plenty of room to develop.

    • Sprout: 7 – 14 days
    • Ideal Temp: 70 – 90
    • Seed depth: 1/2 inch
    • Plant Spacing: 18 – 36″
    • Frost Hardy: No
    • Full Sun
    • Cucumis melo
    Growing Tips

    Needs abundant soil moisture and rich soil. Some afternoon shade is beneficial in hottest summer weather. Trellis growing saves space. Harvest frequently to maintain production.

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