1,500 د.ك

This fast growing strong cucumber produces high yields of smooth dark green bitter free fruits with a good flavoured firm flesh.
Grow in a greenhouse, tunnel or on a sheltered sunny patio.
Cucumbers are plants that are grown in warm conditions so must not be planted out until any frosts have passed, a sunny sheltered spot is required.  The soil must be well drained and humus rich.
☀️Germination 7 – 10 days
☀️Loam or sandy soil that acidic or neutral
☀️Companion Plants Corn, peas, beets, radish and nasturtiums
Do not plant with sage or potatoes
☀️Cut the cucumbers with a knife when they are large enough
☀️A good source of Vitamins C and K
☀️Use in Salad, sandwiches and pickling
Liquid feed every two weeks after the first flowers appear

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