Compost tea for lovely roses

7,000 د.ك

Roses often live in stressful conditions.
Cold weather, rain, fungal infections, aphids and much more. make life difficult for them.

Bio-rose pouring is the perfect energy kick for your roses and makes them strong and resilient.

If you use the organic rose watering regularly, it stimulates the joy of growth and the formation of flowers!

The ingredients used are purely organic.

All components are compostable or recyclable and thus protect the environment!

A big advantage is the simple dosage, easy application and handling – you just have to take out an infusion bag and let it steep for 3 – 24 hours!

For fertilization you use 1 infusion bag in approx. 2l water every 1-2 weeks.

To strengthen your plants, you should use 1 infusion bag in approx. 10l water every 2-3 weeks.

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