Zucchini Easy Pick Gold II

1,950 د.ك

Easy pick Gold II F1 is a yellow zucchini, the plant of which has almost no thorns on the petioles. This makes harvesting more convenient (and even more beautiful!) Therefore, this variety is particularly suitable for children who have their own small vegetable garden: they are sure to be amazed by the canary yellow color of these zucchini! As with all other zucchini varieties, the flowers of the Easy pick II F1 are edible. You can fill the flowers and then deep fry them. The fruits can also be harvested at a very young stage (with the flowers attached). These baby zucchini can be canned very well, e.g. B. pickled in vinegar with herbs, and keep in pretty jars. You can find many great recipes on the Internet, just take a look! The plant has a shrubby habit and is very productive.

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