Wall Trellis H3

40,000 د.ك

Our wall trellis H3 is made of the same material as the Eco friendly raised garden bed’s Alum Zinc Magnesium alloy panel. It can support up to 130 lb of weight (uniform distribution). 

Our wall trellises provide a beautiful surface for growing clematis, roses,, and other stunning flowering vines. They  add a touch of character to your garden. Placed at the entrance to a side-yard, garden room, or fenced vegetable garden, they make a dramatic architectural statement to your landscape.

In addition, trellises are common plant supports used in vegetable gardens. Many varieties of peas and beans need something to climb. Our trellis made of long-lasting AlumnZinc Magnesium materials with a 20 year lifespan, offers great support for beautiful climbing plants, such as roses, making a charming and elegant addition to your garden. And because it is rust-free and weather-resistant, you can be rest assured that the vegetation is not exposed to harmful particles.

Also, if placed on a trellis, vine crops such as melons, squash and cucumbers can produce cleaner and healthier fruit. Using trellis provides upward growth on the sides and spreading growth on top.

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