Tomato Tigerella

1,950 د.ك

Depending on the stage of ripeness, Tigerella develops medium-sized, striped fruits in different colors. In the green stage, the stripes are very pronounced and turn into orange in the maturity stage. They were bred from England and are a further development of the well-known Alisa Craig variety. The robust Tigerella is extremely productive and can develop three to four kilos of fruit per plant. The firm, slightly bitter skin contrasts the sweet pulp and makes the tomato an excellent component of light summer salads.

The first seedlings should appear after a week or two. Now remove the cover and keep the plants in as much light as possible (but no blazing midday sun) and a little cooler, so that the young plants do not become overgrown. As soon as the second pair of leaves has developed, the young plants up to the first leaf can be pricked out (individually) in small 10 cm pots with holes in the bottom and tomato soil. Please take care not to damage the roots, which are still fine, and to lightly water the fresh soil.

As soon as your tomato plants have reached a height of ten centimeters, they need a rod as a support and can go outside during the day at at least 5 ° Celsius to harden. Make sure you have sufficient watering, as rapid evaporation takes place via the now rapidly increasing foliage. After the ice saints in mid-May, the plants can be transplanted into the garden bed or in the tub at a distance of 75 centimeters in full sun. The bucket should hold at least ten liters of soil and be well drained. Tomatoes need strong support rods that are well anchored in the ground or tomato spirals from the garden center. A place protected from rain and wind is also ideal. Make sure the watering is even to which the plant can get used to. The most important maintenance measure from now on is the ongoing skimming of the secondary shoots so that the main shoot receives enough light for its development. Remove any axillary shoots that form between the trunk and the branch base. Since the roots develop vigorously at first, the visible growth is slow in the first few weeks. Fertilize for the first time with a commercially available tomato fertilizer four weeks after planting at the earliest and a second time after another four weeks.

Warning: tomatoes belong to the nightshade family. The parts of the plant are poisonous. But of course not the ripe fruits!

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