Tomato Sportivo F1

2,250 د.ك

proven, early professional variety with large, round fruits and an excellent taste

in seed trays. Cover the seeds only very lightly. Seed depth approx. 0.2 cm. Make sure there is enough light.

Germination from 18 ° C after approx. 8-10 days, optimally 20-22 ° C. When the cotyledon is visible, prick out into small pots and continue to cultivate at around 16-20.

From mid-May outdoors on a support frame / rod plants. Harden them beforehand and watch out for night frosts. Row spacing 80 cm, in the row 50 cm.

As sunny and warm as possible, sheltered from the wind. Deep, loosened, humus-rich and evenly moist soil. Medium – heavy consumers, regular fertilizer application.

Timely pruning and binding is important for a good harvest. Harvest, depending on the weather, from summer to autumn. Fruits ripen in the room.

Versatile use as raw vegetables, salads, soups, sauces, juices and much more. Rich in vitamins and minerals. High health value.

Do not continue to cultivate tomatoes that are too warm after pricking, otherwise they can turn out. A small tomato roof prevents late blight and brown rot!

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