Tomato Mexican Honey

1,950 د.ك

The very high-yielding, high-growing cocktail tomato with juicy, crunchy fruits is very suitable for keeping as a balcony tomato. It grows quickly, develops several shoots and reaches a height of 1.20 m to 2.50 m with long drooping panicles. The honey tomato can also tolerate drought and is relatively robust against fungal diseases, but should still be protected from rain. A single plant can produce up to 15 kg of fruit.

In the kitchen:
The honey tomato is wonderfully suitable for salads with a slightly sour dressing (without sugar), to which their taste forms a pleasant contrast.

Since tomatoes should only be kept in the garden from mid-May, when night frosts are no longer to be expected, they are preferred in a light and warm room as early as mid to late March, tomatoes germinate quickly and earlier cultivation is therefore not necessary.
Simply sprinkle the flat seeds at a distance of 2 cm on a moist sowing substrate and cover the seeds only lightly. Keep the growing medium moist, but not wet, by moistening it with a spray bottle. Cover the cultivation vessel with cling film, which you have provided with holes. This protects the earth from drying out. Every two to three days you should remove the film for 2 hours. This prevents the formation of mold on the cultivation soil. Place the cultivation vessel in a light and warm place with a temperature between 20 ° C and 24 ° C and keep the cultivation soil moist, but not wet.
The first seedlings should appear after a week or two. Now remove the cover and keep the plants in as much light as possible (but no blazing midday sun) and a little cooler, so that the young plants do not ginger. As soon as the second pair of leaves has developed, the young plants up to the first leaf can be pricked out (individually) in small 10 cm pots with holes in the bottom and tomato soil.

Planting and care:
As soon as your tomato plants have reached a height of 10 cm, they need a stick as a support and can go outside during the day at at least 5 ° C to harden them. After the ice saints in mid-May, the plants can be transplanted into the garden bed or in the tub at a distance of 75 cm in full sun. The bucket should hold at least 10 liters of soil and be well drained. Tomatoes need strong support rods that are well anchored in the ground or tomato spirals from the garden center. A place protected from rain and wind is also ideal. Make sure the watering is even to which the plant can get used to. Since the roots develop vigorously at first, the visible growth is slow in the first few weeks.

Tomatoes are nightshade family. Your plant parts are poisonous. But of course not the ripe fruits!

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