Sedum Burrito

12,000 د.ك

The common name burrito sedum refers to Sedum morganianum “Burrito,” a cultivar of sedum also known as burro’s tail and grown for its long, trailing stems and plump, densely packed foliage. Sedums are relatively hardy and thrive with little hands-on care. However, they must be regularly watered during the active growing season and provided with suitable levels of light and warmth to prosper.

  • Water the burrito sedum weekly during the Summer.
  • Allow the potting soil to dry completely between waterings to prevent rot.
  • Water sparingly in winter, providing just enough moisture the soil.
  • Use a balanced 12-12-12 fertilizer. Mix the fertilizer at half the recommended quantity to prevent root damage.
  • Water deeply immediately after applying fertilizer.

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