Parsley periwinkle (seed tape)

1,750 د.ك

This proven variety is characterized by beautiful, densely packed, finely curled and dark green leaves on long, strong stems. It is naturally less prone to yellowing.

1 1.5 cm deep grooves in the prepared seed bed.

Parsley germinates unevenly after 2-4 weeks. Always keep the seedbed moist for germination and shade if possible in summer.

row spacing now not keep 20 ?? 30 cm.Den soil moist longer, otherwise rotten roots and leaves are yellow.

At the seeding site, the soil should be loosened thoroughly beforehand in order to prevent subsequent waterlogging, otherwise undemanding.

Harvest approximately 30–40 days after sowing. Harvest from planters or flower boxes in winter after sowing in the autumn in good time.

Very versatile, for seasoning almost all European dishes. High vitamin A, B and C content, containing minerals.

Seed bands prevent too close sowing and already provide the optimal spacing between the crops. Easy to use!

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