ORGANIC Tomato Sunviva

1,950 د.ك

ery aromatic, sweet and juicy cocktail tomato . The bright yellow fruits hang in beautiful short clusters. The variety is early ripening and has a fruit weight of approx. 20g. Robust and vigorous plant with loose foliage and high field resistance to late blight and brown rot. Sunviva loves deep humus soil and an airy and sunny location. Sunviva should be grown as a stake tomato with one or more shoots. Cultivation in pots or tubs on the terrace and balcony is possible.

Sowing: from mid-February. The aim is to plant with the first flowers after the last frost. Planting: in a bed or in a bucket with at least 8 liters.

After pricking, place in a light and airy place or in the cold frame. Only plant out after the ice saints in mid-May, as tomatoes are sensitive to frost. They love nutrient-rich, humus-rich soil in a sunny location. Before planting the tomatoes out, the soil should be loosened and fertilized. After planting, water well until the first significant growth spurt is visible. Then water sparingly.

sowing depth
1 cm

germination temperature & germination time germination
temperature 22 – 28 ° C,
germination time 6 – 8 days,

plant spacing
60 cm,

row spacing
60 cm

Brief info
very robust, sweet and juicy cocktail tomato

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