Lisianthus Black Pearl

2,500 د.ك

  • Deep, eggplant purple
  • Strong flowers with thick petals
  • Sturdy stems, excellent vase life
  • More usable flower buds
  • Eustoma grandiflorum

    SEED TYPEHybrid Seed Group 1
    PLANT TYPERosanne (Hybrid Group 1)

    You’ll be drawn to Black Pearl Lisianthus for its deep, rich color and delicate, elegant appearance. The flower’s petals are a remarkable shade of dark purple, almost black, which creates a stunning contrast against its green stems and leaves. The intricate shape and texture of the flower’s petals are ruffled and slightly curled, giving it a soft and romantic look similar to a rose. The delicate nature of the petals also makes the flower seem almost translucent in certain lighting conditions, adding to its ethereal quality.

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