Lily Oriental Double Flowering ‘Roselily Samantha (1pack)

2,000 د.ك

Lilium Roselily Samantha (Double Oriental Lily) is a spectacular bulbous perennial with large, wonderfully fragrant,

upward-facing, double deep pink flowers adorned with lightly ruffled white edges in mid to late summer. The

magnificent star-shaped flowers cannot be missed! Borne on sturdy stems, they sit above the foliage of spirally

arranged, glossy green leaves. This double oriental lily is an excellent border plant, providing striking color and

contrast to the perennial border, and mixes beautifully with annuals and other summer flowering bulbs. It is well suited to containers and the cutting garden. This double oriental lily is pollen-free.

Grows up to 36-40 in. tall (90-100 cm) and 12 in. wide (30 cm).

Performs best in full sun or part shade in moist but well-drained acid or neutral soil, enriched with leaf mold or

well-rotted organic matter. Best in sun with some shade at the base of the plant. Stems should be staked before

blooming to prevent wind damage.

This Lily is a member of the Oriental Hybrids Division (VII) which includes lilies with medium-sized to very large flowers, usually bowl-shaped, flat, or with recurved tepals. The inner tepals are often very broad, margins often ruffled or twisted and usually overlapping at the base, so the flower has a more ‘closed’ center. The Lily flowers are mostly white to pink to purplish red, some golden yellow and are usually fragrant. Leaves are scattered, usually broad to very broad. Often late flowering. There are 9 different types of lilies classified by the Royal Horticultural Society. And they are all real eye-catchers!

Deadhead the faded blooms. When flowering is over, cut back leaves and stems after they turn yellow.

Propagate by offsets after the foliage dies down.


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