Lavender Bandera Purple

1,750 د.ك

Grow your own French lavender plants from seeds easily and cost-effectively. This compact, low-profile, fragrant variety is ideal as a fragrant hedge or in terracotta pots.

  • perennial
  • prefers full sun
  • 25 – 30 cm high

Growth height
20 cm

Instructions for use
Scatter the seeds on moist, loose soil. Lightly cover the seeds with soil. Place the container in an indoor greenhouse or close it in a plastic bag and keep it at a temperature of 21-25? C until germination, which usually takes 14-21 days. Light promotes germination.

Store in a cool and dry place!

care instructions
When the seedlings are large enough to touch, transplant into 8 cm pots. Slowly accustom the plants to cooler conditions and when there is no longer any risk of frost, plant them outdoors at a distance of 23cm. Hibernate plants sown in late summer in a cold frame and put them out the following spring. Lavender oil produced by the plants can be toxic and should therefore not be consumed!

Planting distance
23 cm

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