Zinnia Giant Cactus Mix

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Blooms all summer long | Giant flowers in 7 warm colors

Giant Zinnia Seeds from the Giant Cactus Mix bring an unparalleled mix of 7 vibrant colors to your summer garden. This exclusive blend is known for its unique, needle-thin petals and rich, long-lasting colors. As effortless to cultivate as the dahlia-flowered counterparts, these giant zinnias promise to be the centerpiece of both your garden and floral arrangements.

These giant zinnia blooms are impressively large, measuring 4 to 5 inches across, yet their robust, long stems ensure they stand proudly in the sun, without flopping. The array of colors—yellow, orange, red, rose, pink, salmon, and white—offers a daily spectacle of blooming beauty throughout the summer months.

Reaching up to 30 inches tall and spreading about 10 inches wide, the Giant Cactus Zinnias begin their floral show with the onset of summer warmth. Thriving in full sun and heat, they require well-drained soil and regular watering to maintain their vibrant display for the entire season. Fans of the Benary Giant Series or the California Giants Zinnia will find the unique and dependable “mum”-flowered blooms of the Giants Mix particularly enchanting.

Among the easiest flowers to grow, these giant zinnias attract butterflies, enhancing the biodiversity of your garden. They excel in beds, borders, containers, and as cut flowers, continuously producing more blooms the more they are cut. To ensure the health and vigor of these plants, it’s essential to water them in a way that keeps the leaves dry, either with a soaker hose or by watering early in the day. Adequate spacing is also crucial to prevent overcrowding and promote air circulation.

For vase arrangements, it’s best to remove all the foliage from the stems, allowing the focus to remain on the stunning blooms, which have a remarkable vase life thanks to their sturdy stems. Giant Zinnias are an ideal match for other summer flowers, adding structure and color to any arrangement. Whether starting these seeds indoors to get ahead of the growing season or planting directly in the garden, growing Giant Zinnias is a rewarding and straightforward endeavor.

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