Fox and cubs

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Fox and Cubs plants are alpine plants native to Europe. They are also known as Pilosella aurantiaca and are part of the Hawkweed family. The name refers to the sunny daisy-like, rusty orange mature flower and its flanking buds, with fuzzy blackish haloed hair. Imagine a field of these flowers that resemble a mama fox and her little ones, gamboling across the landscape. The plant starts out as a rosette and develops lance-shaped leaves with stems covered in dark hair. The buds are clustered in terminal pedicles of up to 12, each covered in the black fuzzy hair. Plants can grow over 15 inches (38 cm.) tall and bear numerous tiny rayed golden orange blooms. They are found in open spaces such as ditches, hillsides, and even parks and gardens. Fox and Cubs plants are perfect for open spaces with plenty of growing room. Choose an area with well-draining soil in full sun for growing Fox and Cubs plants. When selecting a site, consider the plant’s ability to propagate itself. It is actually a noxious weed in warm regions

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