Highlander Ornamental Grass Seed

1,250 د.ك

From Johnny’s seeds repackage in kuwait

Sturdy bronze-colored plumes.

3–6″ pendulous heads give tapestry-like effect to arrangements.

DAYS TO GERMINATION:7-14 days at 70°F (21°C).Ht. 28–36″. . Packet: 50 seeds

SOWING:Direct seed (recommended): Sow seeds 1/8″ deep after the season grow. Cover seeds lightly.:. Can be planted in individual containers and then planted out in the field without dividing or they may be seeded in seedling trays. Small seedlings can be separated and transplanted directly from seedling tray to garden or field.

SOIL REQUIREMENTS:Any ordinary, reasonably well-drained soil.
HARVEST:Fresh or dried: Fully open, but not yet fluffy.
USES:Excellent cut or dried flower. Good for naturalistic gardens and mixed grass plantings.
SCIENTIFIC NAME:Setaria italica

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