Herbal range Germany (seed tape)

1,950 د.ك

Parsley Mooskrause 2, simple dill and annual savory are three tasty and proven herbs for the garden and balcony in one seed band (2 m per species)! That saves time and effort! Simply pour into grooves in the bed or in pots or tubs and you’re done!

Sowing on the window sill Sowing outdoors
all year round (only parsley), directly outdoors. Germination of dill, savory in 15-20 days at 15-20 ° C. Parsley in 15 – 35 days at approx. 15 ° C. Location dill and savory sunny. Parsley sunny – partially shaded. 

Place the parsley in a 1 cm deep seed furrow, cover with soil, attach the dill and savory only to the ends of the seed tape, press firmly and always keep moist. The seeds are brought to an end stand in a seed band, so that there is no need to separate them. The paper breaks down into humus in the soil.

Wonderful spices for sauces, salads or for garnishing. These can be grown outdoors as well as indoors.

Gardeners Tip
The Seed tapes can be cut apart at the perforation according to the pot size. Warning: do not sow dill and savory outdoors before the end of April. Well drained, humus soil preferred.

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