2,000 د.ك

Okra lovers rejoice! This is the most productive okra we have ever seen, with plants producing as much as 250 pods per plant in a season and 44 young, tender pods in a single day. This unbelievable heirloom was selected and perfected over decades by one dedicated farmer in Oklahoma. Dry Creek Farm owner Ron Cook received seeds of Clemson Spineless okra in 1972 from a local gardening friend who had saved her own seeds for decades. Once in his hands, Ron began to select for heavy productivity. After many years of improvement and selection, the Heavy Hitter stands to be one of the most productive okras of all time and with no compromise to flavor and texture. For those who love to grow a mess of okra, this is your variety. You can expect heavy crops of uniform pods, perfect for pickling and then savoring all season long!

 “Description courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds/rareseeds “.

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