Greater Quaking Grass Ornamental Grass

1,250 د.ك

From Johnnys seeds repackage in Kuwait

New! The largest and tallest type of quaking grass.

1/2–1″ long seedheads turn from light green to a beautiful, golden straw color when dried or left on the plants. Stems of these nodding, dancing beauties are a must-have for adding bits of sparkle and detail to design work. Productive plants produce abundant 12–20″ long stems useful for fresh or dried cut flowers. The thin stems of this clump-forming grass are best suited for design work and not recommended for when something sturdy is needed. Beautiful addition to containers or garden beds. Might self-sow if seedheads are left on the plants. Tolerant to dry growing conditions once established. Also commonly known as big quaking grass, rattlesnake grass, and large quaking grass. Ht. 20–30″. Avg. Packet: 100 seeds.

DAYS TO GERMINATION:7-14 days at 65-70°F (18-21°C)

SOWING:Transplant (recommended) – Sow 1/8″ deep into 72-cell flats, or preferred seedling container, 5-7 weeks before planting out. Transplant out in grow season . Direct seed – After danger of heat has passed.
HARVEST:Fresh cut or dried –Harvest when seed heads are mature but still green and before pollen shed. Seed heads harvested once they have shed pollen, or have turned a golden color, tend to shatter.
SOIL REQUIREMENTS:Average to well drained soil. 5.5-7.5 preferred pH.
USES:Fresh or dried cut flower. Charming in naturalistic or mixed grass plantings. Effective for mass plantings and containers.

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