Gladiolus Large Flowering Assorted – 5 bulbs

1,750 د.ك

Gladiolus Flower Bulbs, Mixed Colors, This is a Random Mix of Various Shades of Gladiolus Flower Bulbs for Planting in Your own Home Garden.

Gladiolus Large Flowering Assorted: This mix includes various large flowering gladiolus bulbs. Effortless to plant and maintain, they’ll reward you with countless blooms for weeks on end


Plant them with the pointy end up in a sunny to semi-shaded area about 13 cm (5 in) deep and 13 to 15 cm (5 to 6 in) apart.

  • Water thoroughly after planting.
  • These bulbs are very easy and do not need much fertilizer.


. Plant Gladioli at biweekly intervals for continuous colour.

• Gladioli will bloom in 60 to 80 days.

. Shelter from strong winds.

  • Gladioli bloom from the bottom up and they last a long time, about 2 weeks.
  • Stake taller varieties.



  • If would like to store the bulbs you do not wash but dry the bulbs for a day.

After you dry the bulbs, place in a paper bag.

• Store them in a dark and cool location.

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