Giant beefsteak tomato set (seed tape)

2,500 د.ك

A trio of non-seed varieties in 3 colors. “Tschernij Prinz” (black prince) is brown-red, “pineapple” is yellow and “Oxheart 2” (ox heart) is a red beefsteak tomato. “Tschernij Prinz” and “Ananas” are flat and round. The fruits of the pineapple variety are slightly ribbed, the fruits of the “Oxheart 2” variety are slightly heart-shaped. The taste is very aromatic and juicy. The ⍉ fruit weight can be given as 300 g, although they can weigh significantly more. Applied on a seed plate, the preculture is child’s play. Just put the seeds in a seed pot, water them and let them grow.

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