10PCS Garden Plant Support Clips For Trellis Twine

0,750 د.ك

Fix the plants to prevent the wind from blowing the melons and grinding the young melons.
Spread the plant stems evenly in the field, making full use of space and sunlight to avoid plant entanglement.
The growth of the plant is controlled by pressing the vine to promote the growth of the melon.
It can effectively adjust the growth period, and the effect is remarkable. It is an ideal pressing vine and fixing vine device.
It is durable, binding save time and labor saving, and efficiency is greatly increased.
Sturdy, flexible and sharp cross stitch, not easy broken and long lasting, fast to inserted into the soil. Reusable, perfect for used in watermelon vines, strawberry vines, stolon plants and so on.
Size: Approx. 6.5×1.7 cm
Material: Plastic

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