F1 جزر ناندور

1,750 د.ك

The Nantese par excellence. Carrot of the Nantese type, that is half long (18-20 cm.), Perfectly cylindrical, smooth, bright red in color; absolutely heartless and green collar. This exceptional variety is indicated for spring-summer sowing, for harvesting, respectively, in summer and autumn, a harvest that can last, depending on the latitude, until the following spring thanks to its particular estate in the field. Harvesting can take place in a scalar way.

Apiacee / Umbelliferae family
Sowing : at home from late winter to mid-summer, gradually for a continuous harvest; the last sowings give carrots that can be kept for the winter. Under tunnels it is possible to sow from October to February.
Distances : between rows 30 cm, thinning to 5-10 cm on the row.
Tips : grow in loose soils. Tuck in slightly and cover with non-woven fabric to avoid root greening and carrot fly infestation.
Seed needed : 20-30 g per 100 m2 of land.

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