F1 جزر بنفسجي

1,750 د.ك

It is a new variety of carrot that combines in itself in addition to the normal great taste and health qualities of traditional carrot also the large amount of anthocyanins which are very useful, thanks to their antioxidant power, to fight free radicals. It is preferably eaten raw in salad or undercooked in order not to lose its beautiful color and properties.

Apiacee / Umbelliferae family
Sowing : at home from late winter to mid-summer, gradually for a continuous harvest; the last sowings give carrots that can be kept for the winter. Under tunnels it is possible to sow from October to February.
Distances : between rows 30 cm, thinning to 5-10 cm on the row.
Tips : grow in loose soils. Tuck in slightly and cover with non-woven fabric to avoid root greening and carrot fly infestation.
Seed needed : 20-30 g per 100 m2 of land.

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