Echo Blue Lisianthus

1,950 د.ك

Three inch dark blue, ruffled rose-like flowers. The blooms are held on strong, thick stems and are fully double 100% of the time. Echo Blue is one of the finest lisianthus available for gorgeous garden color and a steady supply of long-lasting, fully double cut flowers. The cut flowers can last up to two weeks or longer. Echo Blue lisianthus plants grow 2-3 ft. tall and are early blooming – flowering begins in early to midsummer and continues until frost.

25 pelleted seeds

Plant Lisianthus Seeds: Sow lisianthus seed in cell packs or flats. Use a sterilized, soil-less mix. Press seeds into soil, do not cover. Kept at 70-80° F., germination is in 10-20 days. When 4-5 leaves have developed, transplant lisianthus seedlings into the garden, 6-8 in. apart. To encourage bushy growth, pinch back plants to the third node. Direct sowing of lisianthus seed is not recommended.

Grow Lisianthus: Full sun or part shade. Light shade in hottest climates. Lisianthus needs moderate water. Give regular moisture early in the season; avoid over-watering as plants become established. Does not like acid soil, does like regular feeding. Cut flowers are long-lasting.

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